Director’s Statement


I began working in the live event industry for lighting 10 years ago. The journey has led me from one side of the country to the other. It is a journey which many people don’t understand or know about and when I sat down to create characters for a new project, giving one of them the career I’ve chosen was a no-brainer.

There are very few women in the event industry. It takes a particular personality to not only thrive in the male dominated world but once submerged smack in the middle of production men it is often challenging to survive. In my case not only as a woman but as a lesbian. The work requires long grueling hours. You have to move faster, lift heavier gear, and work harder to gain respect on a daily basis.

The days are long and there is no luxury of time. When you’re successful the only new people you really come in contact with are your peers and the ones who float in and out of life on tours. You meet people from all over the world and many times you find a spark, a connection, maybe a budding romance with someone who lives clear across the globe. What do you do?

If you’re lucky enough to connect with someone among the noise, the dirt, and the hours, it becomes difficult to let that go even though in your heart you know it probably won’t work out.

This story is about two women who meet early in their careers, form a bond, then try to make a relationship work. One, Sasha, is the house production tech at a Los Angeles concert venue moving up in the lighting world. The other, Elisabeth, is a Corsican pianist who has worked her whole life to consistently tour and make money from her music. They both know there is no other in the world but neither know or want to compromise the careers they’ve built.

We were incredibly fortunate to have cast Australian talent Mandahla Rose as Sasha. She exudes strength, intelligence, kindness, but also has an edge which can place her right smack in the middle of a career surrounded by “bros.”

Looking for a French talent was quite the journey. When Marie-Pier Gibeault walked into the audition we knew she was our Elisabeth. She has a passion and a kindness which exudes from within and when our Sasha and Elisabeth finally got to meet, quite shortly before we began shooting episode one, it was apparent we had our couple.

With this project I did not want to tell a lesbian story. I wanted to tell a beautiful story about two people who never question who they should be with but struggle with their own egos over things we all struggle with on a daily basis: compromise, time, love, career. This is an incredibly important and human story about two powerful, successful women with the same struggles as many other couples in the world despite profession or sexual orientation.

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