Synopsis (160 words)

Sasha Austin and Elisabeth Anelare first meet in 2007 when they are both at the bottom of the totem pole of their respective careers. Sasha is a production tech at a Los Angeles concert venue aspiring to work her way to becoming a lighting director. Elisabeth is a Corsican pianist on tour with an orchestra and aspires to have tours of her own.

After they meet they begin a whirlwind romance and this is a non chronological look at over 40 years of their relationship. From meeting, to their struggle to stay together as they increasingly get more and more successful in their careers, their break up, and then finally they reunite.

Time is very rarely in alignment. When you find the one you know you’re supposed to love, the question is not of who, how, or why, but when.

When will career, ego, and life allow them to be the people they need to be in order to be together.

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