Synopsis (800 words)

It’s 2007. Sasha Austin is 23 years old and works as a “pusher” (a person who pushes cases from the loading dock to the stage) at a local Los Angeles concert venue. She has lofty goals of working her way onto the lighting team and up to the top position of lighting director, but it isn’t easy for a woman to gain the respect necessary for upward mobility. She has to lift more, work harder, longer hours, be available more hours, walk faster, and play a complicated game with the incoming tours to maintain respect without being overly disrespectful; quick to bite this is something she needs to work on.

The art form of working with production men in a male dominated industry is not an easy one as a woman and equally difficult as a lesbian. Men in production are generally never on their best behavior and Sasha being seen as “one of the guys” opens her to a lifestyle where she sees the true nature of men. They all mean well and are generally good people but men being quintessentially men in front of a woman because she’s seen as a “bro” is an interesting position to thrive and survive.

On this particular day in 2007 Sasha is “loading in” cases for an orchestral concert when she has a run in with her production manager Scott. A run in which is inadvertently seen by the band’s pianist Elisabeth Anelare a 22 year old woman who lives in Corsica, France.

Elisabeth comes from a family of musicians and has taken after her father playing the piano from a young age. And when her parents tragically died in a plane crash on their way to the first leg of a European tour when she was 10, Elisabeth used the piano to comfort her soul in their absence. She has since worked to be on tour and aspires to be a respected concert pianist with tours of her own. A position she works and dreams for but also a position which offers a specific loneliness which makes her quite the dreamer.

This day in 2007 is when Sasha and Elisabeth meet and begin their lifelong love affair. But it’s not without risk and sacrifice.

Told in a non-chronological order, this story spans over 40 years in the lives of these two women in their struggle to work their way up in their respective industries while trying to maintain and thrive in their relationship.

Sasha is a realist. Elisabeth is a dreamer. They are the perfect balance but as their schedules get busier when their career goals start to come true they find it more and more difficult to steal time together. It increasingly becomes apparent that compromise needs to be made but neither of them can let go of their career goals and aspirations to make room for the other. Elisabeth constantly wants Sasha to join her on tour, as her parents happily toured together, but Sasha, steadfast with her hard working personality, can’t let herself take a position she didn’t feel she earned and give up the one she worked ten years to get.

The two reach the peak of their careers almost simultaneously nine years into their relationship and it becomes and impasse of whether they can make it through as both their work schedules become non-stop. It is ultimately decided by Sasha that she can no longer live a reality where work is her priority and Elisabeth floats in and out like a dream. She’d find it easier to totally live without Elisabeth and perform her career obligations than to have a whirlwind romance every few months when their lives finally get to intersect; their relationship lies almost totally within phone calls and text messages, of which are often missed.

The two women move on with their careers but as the years pass Sasha starts to realize that after the lights go down she goes home to nothing and she wakes to the same day over and over again. Though she is too stubborn to admit it. She begins to become increasingly unhappy with her career.

Throughout their entire relationship, Elisabeth is the constant source of forward movement. She loves Sasha. There is no one else for her. But when Sasha puts her foot down Elisabeth has no other choice than to let her go. Elisabeth gains contracts which allow her to tour less and less while making the living she has earned but it takes her five years and an obligation in Los Angeles which pushes her to go see Sasha again.

Time is something we all have to deal with. It is rarely in alignment but when you meet the one you know you are supposed to be with, the right time is what you work for, it’s what you wait for, it’s something you have to allow, and if you’re lucky you find it with someone who doesn’t give you up.

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